Afternoon Watch

Watching a rainstorm moving in-

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For today: Afternoon Storm

Storm Watch

Storm Watch


A Box of Memories

One of the things that traveled back to North Carolina with me was a box full of baby shoes-as there were six of us, you can imagine how full that box was. On top of that, there is only a seven-year difference between the oldest and youngest so at any given time, there was a pack of toddlers roaming around. We have also learned that my parents threw very little away-much to our amazement. It was all just neatly stored in boxes on shelves in the basement.

So, I have been taking the shoes out and arranging and sorting and playing with them. You might see more of them in the future.

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For today: Baby Shoe Bop #1

Baby Shoe Bop #1

Baby Shoe Bop #1

Afternoon Light

A rainy day, light, and the corner of a studio room-two quick studies for a possible series

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For today: Afternoon Muse

And a brief note of apology: A big thank you to everyone who takes the time to comment, particularly on the recent Take 12! post.

Please know I do read your comments, but have been slow to respond. I hope to be caught up later in the week.


Afternoon Study #1

Afternoon Study #1

Afternoon Study #2

Afternoon Study #2

In the Pink

A pink Anthurium with a bit of an abstract twist thrown in-

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For today: Anthurium Abstract

Anthurium Abstract

Anthurium Abstract



A Return to the Familiar

When in doubt, photograph a pear, or two . . .

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For today: Two Pair

Pear Trio

Pear Trio

Pears and Bowl

Pears and Bowl



Take 12! September

Better late than never I guess-but here this month’s Take 12! (Thank you for the nudge to Bill T.- I had seriously considered not posting anything for this month.)

Where I  Was At:

Literally–traveling across the states of Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee. The trip was long, but marked by an amazing array of cloudscapes that traveled with me throughout the Midwest and the South. Glorious blue skies, magnificent thunderheads and beautifully sculpted cloud formations made this trip more than memorable. It also brought home for me, the connection I have to the Plains, something I hope to explore more with a journey next year.

Mentally–This was an interior journey as well-I came to Nebraska to be with my mother for the last time. I returned home an adult orphan, unsure of what that means exactly and what it might look like, if that makes sense. Other memorable moments: listening to a bluegrass-gospel station in eastern Kentucky, particularly the song “When I Wake, To Sleep No More,” which brought a surprising moment of peace, interchanged with my own selections, among them Hank 3,  “My Drinking Problem Left Today,” “Lovesick Blues,” and Elvis Costello’s “Watching the Detectives” and “Oliver’s Army.” Kentucky will never be quite the same after that part of the journey. Amidst all of this was trying to figure out what might lay ahead creatively for me.

Creatively– I did find myself as I went through the odds and ends of family things, thinking about how those experiences and memories might be translated into imagery. So, a good thing-I could feel the excitement about creating new ways of viewing family *junk.” Among the treasures brought back were my grandmother’s wedding gown and a box of baby shoes that belonged to different Greene siblings.

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For today: Take 12! September

Take 12! August

As some of you know, I have been struggling with a creative block for some time now-this group of pictures is really the first stuff I have done in almost a month. I decided too, to change-up the Take 12! format a bit and instead of fun, useless facts, maybe talk a bit about what was going on that day-

Where I  Was At:

Literally–around the neighborhood, particularly at the Methodist Church grounds, my backyard and street-

Mentally–all over the place. It was very hard to stay focused (no pun intended, but there you go) on this project which is now in its third year. I also struggled with just being in the moment and allowing myself to just *see* what was around me. August is a rough month in the South–most everything has bloomed and is now just trying to survive the summer, the lawns are a bit brown and people are staying inside to beat the heat-which has been intense this year-

Creatively–overall, I cannot say I am thrilled with the pictures I took-but it was a small victory of sorts in that I took pictures. But it took me almost a day to really settle down and start working with them. And in trying to make lemonade out of lemons, I realized that some of these mediocre shots could be used as experiments in photo impressionism. In the end, this does not make them great photos, but perhaps interesting ones and it did get me to thinking about some other possibilities. I know that blocks and burn-out are a part of the process–my great fear is that I will never be able to take a picture again which is crazy-town thinking, but there it is.

This exercise also reminded me that sometimes you just have to press *click* to get going again.

Images taken with iPhone 5s and processed with Formulas, Stackables, iColorama S, Pic-Tap-Go, Photo Toaster and Snapseed

For today: Take 12! August

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