Take 12! May

Today was an uninspiring day–I took a lot of pictures, but it was a bit of an effort to try and pick twelve images that I was reasonably okay with. But here they are-

All images taken with a Nikon D50 and processed with RadLab and Photoshop.

Five Things I Learned Today:

1) I have missed taking pictures with my Nikon, though I am more aware of its shortcomings.

2) Not doing my Take 12! is not an option.

3) There is a Princess Pink version of those scary little cars. Who knew?! And it has creepy eyes too.

4) It was a slow day in the neighborhood.

5)  I really love that old washtub in my backyard–it is an endless source of inspiration.

For Today: Take 12! May


8 thoughts on “Take 12! May

    • What I do each month on the 12th is take twelve photographs of what I see that day. Nothing more. I may go into it with some ideas, but generally I have no idea of what I will come up with. Then I just think of five things that I learned that day that may or may not have anything to do with the photographs. It is a nice exercise for me to just go and see what is out there-and it is always a challenge no matter what. This is the second year I have been doing this and it really has helped my photography I think. I would love it if other photographers would be interested in trying this–I think it would make for a very fascinating collaboration-if interested, let me know! And thank you too for stopping by.

      • I love the idea, and will give it a go next month. How do I link to your Take 12 page so others can find you.

  1. You can either do a pingback which I believe is just listing the URL of Move the Chair or you can add a link in the body of your post which readers can click to go to the site. I will be very happy to do the same for you.
    I look forward to seeing what how you spend your day on June 12th-Thank you for your interest!

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