An Early Evening Outing

Late this afternoon I was able to get out of the house for the first time in a week. My best friend called me and told me that our vet invited us to come out and see her new five-day old foal. 

It was amazing.

Because of my ankle I could not go into the stall–it just would not have been safe. So I had to shoot pictures from a roughly foot wide opening-it was challenging-the light, the cramped opening and my ankle were not all in good form. But it was a wonderful experience nonetheless and I have decided I want to do more horse photography. (No offense Jack Henry-who thinks of horses as giant dogs).

Image taken with iPhone and processed with Photo Toaster.

For today: Evening Song: Mother and Child

Mother & Child

Mother & Child


8 thoughts on “An Early Evening Outing

  1. Horses are such beautiful creatures and the foal is a cutie. Hope the ankle gets better soon, I know how it feels to be limited with one foot out of action. When rest is the best thing for it and all you want to do is get outside and shoot photos.

    • He is and was amazingly quite social-he had no hesitation about coming up to any of us-he has already shown he loves to have his ears scratched. I hope to get out again soon and take more pictures of him.
      And yes, having an ankle injury is very inconvenient when you want to be out taking pictures–but it has again-forced me to see the world around me and take notice-Thanks for looking!

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