Take 12! November

I had great plans today to visit a couple of places for this month’s Take 12-unfortunately my car and my work did not co-operate. So walking around the neighborhood had to do for this month.

5 Things I Learned Today:

1)  Autumn is fading quickly in the neighborhood–most of the trees have lost their leaves.

2) Spilling iced tea on a calculator is guaranteed to make it stop working.

3) Spilling iced tea on small dog is guaranteed to make him grumpy.

4) Jack Henry knows how to turn on the seat heaters in the car.

5) It can snow in November in North Carolina–really.

Images taken with Photo Toaster, Pic-Tap-Go, Camera!, Moku Hanga and Picture Show

For today: Take 12! November


24 thoughts on “Take 12! November

  1. All great shots! (X the left over halloween stuff – don’t these people know it’s almost Thanksgiving and they should have their Christmas decorations up like the rest of the world??)

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