Take 12! February

I think the photographs I took today kind of mirrored my mood and the weather–in the morning, a kind of washed out sun to be replaced by grey, overcast skies. All in all, a bit gloomy with some wintry mix precipitation thrown in. 

5 Things I Learned Today:

1)  Wood-hulled boats and ice do not mix–at all. Ice can shear off the bottom of a wood boat in a blink.

2) Wood docks are getting ready to succumb to the ice when you hear cracking along the supports.

3) The sound iced over as recently as two weeks ago–a small tug got caught in the frozen water and had to be helped out by another boat.

4) One of my favorite local landmarks (and I basically get to places around the county not by road or county signs, but by buildings and ruins) finally tumbled down to the ground. It was a late eighteenth century chimney-I was very sad to see the pile of rubble.

5)  Good bar-be-que is one of the best cures for what ails you.

Images taken with iPhone 4s and processed with Snapseed, Photo Toaster, Pic-Tap-Go and Camera!

For today: Take 12! February

And for a look at the day of the 12th in another part of the world, check out Lee’s Beyond Purgatory

16 thoughts on “Take 12! February

    • There is all kinds of good stuff-especially in the summer when the tourists are heading to the beach. Right now it is a bit drab looking because it is just the locals pretty much-thanks for looking J.D.-

  1. These are great, Meg. I particularly like the B&W’s and the gun sign is a new one to me. This is a lot of fun participating in a Take 12, just making you get out and look to find 12 images on the one day is worth the bit of effort it takes.

    • Thanks Lee-for as miserable a day as it was, I was again surprised by what I found-though this is a great place to take photographs-there is plenty to take in so it was a nice change from the usual months-clearly I need to get out more often 😉

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