In the Beginning . . .

before there were roads-there was the water-

For decades, the Sound served as Currituck County’s window to the world. Well into the twentieth century, it was easier to travel to places by water then it was by road. 

These are what are known as “Currituck Skiffs”–shallow bottom boats in which a small motor could be attached, or if navigating the shallows, a sturdy shoving pole was used to move along the waters-when visiting some of the isolated areas in the sound, it was often a skiff that carried me there. Many of the skiffs were homemade as many residents in the county were of modest means, but there were some innovative boat builders too that eventually became well-known for their boat building craftsmanship. The wood for the boats came from the juniper and cypress trees that grow there. There was no one *set* design-boats were crafted with the owner in mind. It is a fascinating story of maritime history to me.

Image taken with iPhone 4s and processed with Snapseed, Photo Toaster and Pic-Tap-Go

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8 thoughts on “In the Beginning . . .

  1. Wonderful shot and love the story attached to it. It makes me have a connection to the skiffs that I otherwise would not know about.

    • One of the gifts from having done work in this area has been the exposure to the maritime history which is long, colorful and sadly in a bit of decline-the number of boat-makers in the county has decreased dramatically-along with decoy carving-I have been lucky to see some of the area’s *home-grown* art-

    • I completely agree-when you are in the water, you may have a motor but you are also contending with Mother Nature who might have a thing or two to say about how and when you get to your destination 😉 thanks for looking Penny!

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