In Uptown Charlotte and stopped in to Saint Peter’s for a few moments of quiet- I love this church-

The Virgin Mary–next to Saint Francis of Assisi–was a powerful symbol in our house growing up. My mother had many statues of her tucked here and there-The convent school I attended as a youngster celebrated numerous feast days dedicated to the Virgin-which involved among other things, the wearing of flower crowns and attending mass in a chapel that smelled of lemon oil and incense-One of my very vivid memories doing architectural surveys in some ethnic neighborhoods in the Northeast were the small shrines to her found in many dining room or hallways. To me, she is a potent symbol of hope and love.

Image taken with iPhone 4s and processed with Photo Toaster, Pic-Tap-Go and Snapseed- 

For today: Radiant Light

Blessed Be

Blessed Be


10 thoughts on “Radiance

  1. I cherish the quiet of a church as much as I do the wilderness. The Virgin Mary was a remarkable woman who endured a great deal of torment and humiliation in a culture which scorned the idea of a virgin birth. Her faith and her courage were always a beacon and I love that you have captured her with this glow.

    • This church particularly is one of the most serene places I have found-almost as soon as you open the door from the busy city street, you are enveloped in quiet and soft light. It is easy to see why people are drawn to this statue-she is beautiful-Thank you for looking Vivian-

    • Yes it is–growing up Catholic, I have a treasure trove of smells that I associate with childhood particularly- from the stuffy incense and wet wool of winter coats in the Polish church of my grandparents to the convent school where I attended primary school and beyond-Thank you for visiting Lee-

  2. ‘Tis indeed very radiant. Meg, Churches, especially old ones, have a certain feeling, hard to explain, but it’s there, as if it is a special someones ‘house’ and you are a visitor, with heavy silence/reverence echoing through to your very bones. xPenx

    • Very true-this church dates from the late nineteenth century and while some modifications have been made to the interior, it still retains its sense of history and purpose-it is truly someone’s special *house*-well put!

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