Peep Show

I am afraid you will be seeing more of these over the next day or so-I cannot stand to eat these things; to me marshmallow peeps are about as unreal a food group as you can get. But for some folks, they are heavenly, I know.

Image taken with iPhone 4s and processed with Snapseed and Aviary

For today: Pink Peeps

Pink Peeps!

Pink Peeps!



19 thoughts on “Peep Show

  1. You are expected to EAT these things? Sorry, you’ve lost me on this one. Are these a special Easter treat for people in USA?

    • Yes Lee-small children and some adults I now eat these-they started out as an Easter treat, but now the company has expanded to include Halloween, Christmas and probably Thanksgiving-at first there were just yellow chick peeps, but not there are bunnies in all kinds of colors and other shapes. And yes, they are a truly American *delicacy* πŸ˜‰

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