A Lesson in Meaning

  1. the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed.

    A friend of mind once jokingly said of me that in all things “context was everything.” That may be true, but it also poses some interesting questions for me when I am taking photographs. Today, I was documenting a family cemetery and noticed two interesting ways of looking at the setting-each of which has something to say I think to the viewer.

    For instance, this photo was taken away from the highway facing the south and east towards the water-



    This photo was taken to the north facing the highway-


    As you can see-two different images with–at least for me–two kinds of interpretations. And these images remind me of the balancing act between preservation and progress at a time when it seems the past and present collide more and more frequently. The power of the photographer knows no bounds, yes?
    Some background: these stones are not associated with the family. They were pushed back by the state road crews in the 1950s when they were constructing the main highway in Currituck County. Periodically, some of the stones push through the ground and the owner will set them upright. No one knows who the family is-some of the smaller stones belong to children. 


    Images taken with iPhone 5s and processed with Snapseed and Pic-Tap-Go; again, I seem to be going through a self-restraint period with my processing-


    For today: Context Clues

8 thoughts on “A Lesson in Meaning

  1. Wow, context IS everything. The 2 views are so obviously different, but your explanatory words really throw yet another context into the mix. I also love photographing old cemeteries. Hope all is well.

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