Something Different

Going into July, I thought I would try to go back and revisit a theme for the month-

When I started doing a photo a day, I made myself stick to a theme every month. I managed to do this for almost a year and a half, before I burned out on coming up with themes. But I thought it might be nice to try it again and see how it goes. So for this month, it is going to be working every week with a different iPhone app. This is also coinciding with a class I am taking on iPhoneography with Bob Weil (you can see some of his amazing iPhone work here)and will also push me to try some different things.

One of the challenges that has been ongoing for me once I started to venture into the world of textures and overlays has been the dreaded “O” word-overprocessing. Sometimes it is called for, but it is really easy to cross the line into overdone and overwrought and then you just have a mess. So this month will be as much about experimenting and showing both what works and what does not for me.

The following image was taken in a field near the house I was working on in Currituck. I used the app Distressed FX and will be working with that this week. I have mixed feelings with this app–it crunches the heck out of the pixels and I am not always enamored with the filters. But I finally sat down and watched the tutorial about it-something I am not always good about doing and then tried to work with it again. 

Image shot with iPhone 5s and processed with Distressed FX, Snapseed and Resize

For today: Meadow




10 thoughts on “Something Different

  1. Lovely shot. There’s something about Queen Anee’s Lace that says “summer”. When I started editing photos, I tended to overdo it. Nowadays, I follow the “less is more” philosophy unless the photos are in bad condition – really old scans or early digital.

    • Thanks Julie for looking-I know what you mean, I often went way overboard on my earlier stuff and still struggle with it at times-but the “less is more” attitude is a good one to take-it rarely fails you-

  2. I love this. I was looking at some Queen Anne’s Lace here yesterday and always forget what a beautiful flower it is. I don’t know anything about over-processing, but this is a great shot.

    • Thank you Joan-there was so much of this around and It occurred to me that I had seen very little of it until then-I know a lot of people view it as a pesky weed, but I think the flower is beautiful-

  3. Queen Anne’s Lace is such a beautiful wild flower….here it has the less glamorous title of Cow Parsley 🙂 I love your image…I use Distressed FX quite a bit too,but I quite like Stackables which I think is fairly new….have you tried that yet Meg?

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