Washtub Redux

As many of you know this is one of my favorite objects to photograph and so today I thought I would give another go with Hipstamatic and some different black and white films, lenses, and a gel thrown in for good measure.

So here is a brief breakdown of the films and lenses used:

Claunch 72 Monochrome Film-a warmer medium contrast type of film; this was paired with the Wonder Lens which highlights detail

D-Type Plate Film-a daguerreotype film-paired with the Wonder Lens

Rock BW-11-q grungy kind of film with high contrast and grain also paired with the Wonder Lens

Black Keys Super Grain-another high contrast film paired with Melodie which emphasizes contrast as well

And then I also used the Laser Lemon Gel which when used with B/W films also emphasizes the contrast-

Was I looking for high contrast-I did not think so, but it was interesting to find out that what I chose was in fact, high contrast films and lenses. Who knew?

In the end, I found myself more drawn to the D-Type image as well as the Rock BW11. I liked the others okay, but I am thinking I might have been better off going with a different lens other than the Melodie which I learned is geared more towards a warmer color palette. Given my tendencies towards yellows, oranges and red, that lens might work quite well. And again, I am trying to keep expectations low, as I am still trying to master the learning curve of Hipstatmatic.

The results are shown below. All images taken with Hipstamatic and no processing.

For today: Washtub


4 thoughts on “Washtub Redux

  1. Interesting and very hard to pick a favourite, Meg. If pushed I thing I agree with the D-type as I like the framing most on it. I can see what you mean by all the possibilities and combinations, endless!

    • I know-what has been most interesting to me right now is that I favor the black and white combinations more than the color-I will be doing another color experiment today, and we’ll see what that looks like-thanks for looking Lee!

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