New Worlds

and new approaches I think will mark what is left of the month.

I have to be honest; I am kind of scrambling around these days trying to figure out what to do.  It occurred to me that I have been doing this post-a-day thing for almost three years-first on Facebook and now on WordPress and I am feeling a bit burned out. Part of it too has been work-with tight deadlines, I do not always get out and around to see what might be going on.

So today, I thought I would show my early experiments working with this amazing App called Leonardo. It has a steep learning curve (at least to me), but it will be worth the effort to be sure.

The original image was of some bits and pieces of leaf litter caught in a web by the house. Here is the original:


Leaf Litter

Leaf Litter


I opened the photo in Leonardo and started experimenting with textures and layers-I still have not figured it completely out, but I am getting there. I also played with the noise and distort functions too. Here is the final result of that experiment:

Leaf Litter Leonardo

Leaf Litter Leonardo

I think I like the first one better actually, but it was an interesting introduction to the app. And I will keep working on it-

For today: Leaf Litter with Leonardo



8 thoughts on “New Worlds

  1. Oh no Meg, definitely the distorted one, the warmer colours do it for me 🙂 Three years of a post a day – that’s a lot of ideas and posts. I think you’re going fine. I’m only up to 18 months of post a day, and I missed one this year 😦

    • It is and sometimes I wonder how in the world I will go another day, but something always presents itself-so I keep muddling along–sometimes it is effortless as you know and other times- urghhhh 😦

      • I have read that it is the times when we struggle that extend us and make us grow – in life and photography. Just don’t like it at the time though 🙂

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