Revisiting the Sound

with the help of Leonardo again-

One of the things that I most want to get a better handle on in using this app is working with layers and collage. When working with my Nikon, I relied heavily on the use of textures and layers to create my images in Photoshop. I am hoping to work more towards developing similar techniques using Leonardo on the iPhone.

So today I pulled out an image of the ferry piers at Currituck Sound that I had not used and set to work.

Here is the original:

Ferry Piers 1

Ferry Piers 1

Clearly this is one of the first shots I took that early morning because as you can see-there are a few problems. So I cropped out the dock and the end of the ferry pier dock to the left. I just wanted the single piers which are to me reminiscent of sentinels watching over the sound. Next I decided to use a photograph I had taken of clouds over the sound:

Sound Clouds

Sound Clouds

And here is where it is alternately fun and frustrating. I next combined both images as layers and added a texture as well as some slight distortion to the mix so I ended up with this:

Ferry Piers 3

Ferry Piers 3

I decided to run it through Snapseed using the HDR filter and came up with this final image:

Ferry Piers

Ferry Piers

For now, it is a start-I suspect I will rework this off and on as I am not sure this is exactly what I was looking for, though it has an interesting dreamy quality I think. But again, the point of the exercise was to begin to get more familiar with Leonardo and its amazing abilities to create layers and collage images. Also, the app has good tutorials that help explain what its capabilities are which is really great. I think too it would help to work on a bigger *canvas* so hopefully an iPad is in my future soon-

For today: Piers on the Sound



15 thoughts on “Revisiting the Sound

  1. I am frustrated with, for a lack of better wording, the fringing effect on my HDR photos. I see that same effect on the piers in the edited photos. Since I do not work in layers yet I suspect lack of knowledge not skill is holding me back. I sense the same applies to your attempts as well. The difference is you publish yours for all the world to see. Me? I am not there yet.
    With that said, I hope you get an iPad soon as well but what you learn now will most likely shorten the learning curve when you do. God stuff all and all!

      • Thank so much JM-the fringing on the photo I think,was helped along too by using one of the distort presets on Leonardo and then the HDR preset on Snapseed-HDR to me is a whole ‘nother ball game and the apps that are available are of varying quality–to get a handle on HDR apps for the phone, you might want to check out a post by photographer David Pasillas here at:

        He makes the information accessible, understandable and is definitely not afraid to experiment in front of the world-

        and yes lack of knowledge is definitely at work here in big way 🙂 But part of the exercise in doing that is putting myself out there as well which is a scary thing, but I also have to remember they are, in the end, my photographs and I do this for me (which is scary too when you think about it 😉 )

      • Thanks for the link and I just read two post and they are easy to follow……applying will take me a little longer ;).
        Since I will be using an iPod Touch instead of a iPhone I thought there would be a big difference in the two but I now feel that will not be the case. Keep it simple is my motto for now. I will be using FX Photo Studio mostly to add effects so look for a post soon from tonight’s attempt.~ John

  2. I thought the original was pretty cool, on of those peaceful lakeside shots. But I love the altered image, reminds me of a watercolour painting on a misty morning. Just beautiful and I really do need to get stuck into learning more about layers in Photoshop as the possibilities are huge.

    • Thank you Lee-layers are wonderful and I feel like I am still hitting the tip of the iceberg-these iPhone class with Bob Weil has been eye-opening in how to use layers with apps on the iPhone-not having a bigger screen though can really muck things up, which is why I always look at my images on the computer before posting-

      • Ha Ha! I can totally feel for you with the size of the screen on the iPhone, and doing layers on that, what a nightmare. Keep playing as it is all interesting.

  3. I had not heard of Leonardo so thanks for the tip on that. I must say I am just getting into editing of photos and find the whole thing a bit overwhelming at times. So many choices. It’s amazing to see what you have done with these two photos and on an iPhone!

    • It can be very overwhelming to be sure-what has helped me is reading what other photographers use on their camera phones-and reviews of the apps-that can really narrow it down some. It also depends on what you want to do-but the fun is in the experimentation-good luck! And thanks so much for taking the time to visit and comment-

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