A Momentary Break–Virtual Blog Tour

A brief break today-

Raewyn from DecoCraftsDigiCrafts graciously asked if I would participate in the Virtual Blog Tour.  Thank you Raewyn very much.

So here goes:

1. What am I working on at the moment?

Right now, I have a couple of things that I am working on. One is a self-imposed photo challenge for the month of August, which is to photograph my street, which is only one block long. My hope is that I will find enough interesting things to fill the month up. One of the other projects I am working on is photographing different parts of my dogs—noses, paws, tails, eyes, and ears. Sometimes I think I work better when I have a challenge -it gives me structure and I need that. Finally, I am working more on photo collages and composites using the iPhone and its apps. It is all just one ongoing process. 

Red Leaf (image shot with iPhone 5s and processed with Distressed Fx and Pic-Tap-Go)

Red Leaf (image shot with iPhone 5s and processed with Distressed Fx and Pic-Tap-Go)

2.  How does my work differ from others of its genre?

That is a tough question as I am not sure if I exactly fit into a single genre or if my work is all that different. I guess I would like to think that I am drawn to the “overlooked.” I think most everything around us is worth a good look, which can then lead to an interesting composition, story, and photograph. One other thing I suppose that might be a bit different, is that I work now almost exclusively on my iPhone for taking photographs and processing.

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

It’s funny-I write for a living and I am very lucky to be a published writer that earns a living putting words together. But it is not what stirs me. Sometimes I feel guilty because I am not more passionate about my writing-I am grateful to be able to do it, but it is not a driving force. It is the lure of the camera that has always been a powerful influence in my life. I just was not always good about acknowledging how important it was. The power of the visual is really what helps me connect to the world. 

Cherry Blossoms (Image taken with iPhone 4s and processed with PhotoToaster and Blur Fx)

Cherry Blossoms (Image taken with iPhone 4s and processed with PhotoToaster and Blur Fx)

4. How does my writing/creating process work?

I really do not have a consistent process as such-it varies depending on what I am working on. When you post a day, you really have to be flexible and open to what you might find. I can go out with some ideas, but I have learned not to be so focused (no pun intended) that you pass by something that would make for an interesting photograph. A friend of mine is always good about reminding me to make plans, but to not plan the outcome. That is something I try to do with my photography as well.

In some ways, the post-processing can be more intensive as I am constantly experimenting with different apps and approaches. Sometimes the ideas work, sometimes they do not, but I still throw them out there. Doing that everyday really forces you to think about possibilities a good deal of the time as well as just being willing to let others see your work.

Dog Angel (Photo taken with iPhone 4s and processed with PhotoToaster, Image Blender and Pic-Tap-Go)

Dog Angel (Image taken with iPhone 4s and processed with PhotoToaster, Image Blender and Pic-Tap-Go)

I also look at a lot of other photographer’s blogs and sites—that really helps me to see how others view their world or even the same subjects. And from there, I might get ideas about things I might want to try on my own.

With the dogs, ideas will come to me, and I have gotten better about jotting things down and even making a quick sketch as to how that might look. But again, it is just a plan. Some might say that the dog photographs are contrived in that they are clearly planned, often in an artificial situation. But that is what speaks to me right now. One thing I am very careful about is that I do not want my dogs to look silly-I have blundered in that area a couple of times.  I also cannot, and will not, control what the dog does-I can pose them a certain way, but in the end, they are pretty much being themselves whether they choose to hold that pose or not. It can mean taking a lot of pictures—and often the ones I go with, are not the ones I saw in my mind. And you know what? They are often better.




4 thoughts on “A Momentary Break–Virtual Blog Tour

  1. This is really interesting Meg. I resonate with a many of your thoughts. Found in fascinating that your actual ‘job’ is not your passion even though a creative one. I also find it helpful to have challenges and projects to focus on whilst photographing other things.

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