Take 12! October

 BAM! here comes the 12th–

Today’s photos were taken in the Central Avenue and Ashland Avenue areas as well as a visit early this morning to the NODA neighborhood-I remember when I was in grad school in Vermont getting up early, early, early on the weekends and hitting the road with my camera-today’s adventures reminded me that doing that really pays off-few people, fewer cars and plenty of picture-taking opportunities awaited-

5 Things I Learned Today

1) October 27 is National Pit Bull Awareness Day-pet and hug a pitbull! (This is National Pitbull Awareness Month).

2) 5 percent of all dogs in the United States today are pit bulls.

3) Mercury is in retrograde–BIG time (actually this has been a running joke all week, but today I learned just how retro Mercury really is right now).

4) The stem of a pumpkin continues to nourish the pumpkin even after it’s cut, and helps it stay fresh.

5) The first Jack O’Lanterns were actually made from turnips. (Anyone for a jack o’turnip)?

Need more Take 12! inspiration? Take a visit down under to Beyond Purgatory and see what Lee has set her sights on that day-textures, shapes and colors abound!

All images taken with iPhone 5s and processed with Snapseed, Aviary and Pic-Tap-Go

For today: Take 12! October



6 thoughts on “Take 12! October

  1. Oh Meg, I love the signs that you have taken today, reserved parking is just too cute. Again a real mix of your part of USA and early, early is always good 🙂

    • That *reserved* shot was pure luck-I was walking through the day care playground which is always a source of inspiration when I saw that-and yes, early, early is a good thing-now if I can just convince my brain of that 😉 Thanks for visiting Lee!

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