Packing Up, Putting Away

In the process of trying to clean and de-clutter the back room euphemistically called “the studio,” I began to pack away my fabric and sewing supplies for the time being. I know it will all be unpacked at some point, but I will miss seeing the bright colors of the thread and fabric pieces.

Factoid for the day: 

In seventeenth-century Spanish art, a form of still life painting known as the bodegón became popular. This was a still-life painting depicting pantry items, such as victuals, game, and drink, often arranged on a simple stone slab,. It also referred to a painting with one or more figures, but which also contained still-life elements and was typically set in a kitchen or tavern.

Image taken with iPhone 5s and processed with Pic-Tap-Go, Snapseed and PhotoToaster

For today: Fabric and Thread

Fabric and Thread

Fabric and Thread




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