Take 12! December

On December 12th, 2014, twelve photographers in different parts of the world went out and documented their day. The caveat: they could only use only their camera phone to take and process their photographs. On the following pages are each photographer’s accounts that capture the day using twelve images and their own words.

Each person brought to the project their own sense of style and vision. All have contributed to what is I hope, a wonderful celebration of the artistry and the possibilities of mobile photography. 

Some of you may be already familiar with the work of many of the photographers. If not, please, take a moment–or two–or three–to meet each photographer and see how they spent their day. Click on any image on each artist’s page to see it larger.

I have set up each photographer’s work on a separate page. That way I hope, people can focus on each person’s work and words. Simply click on the Take 12! Exhibit tab at the top and a drop-down list of all the photographers will be shown. Then  click on each name to go to their page. In addition, a link has been added to each photographers dedicated WP or site page found on a list on the Take 12! main exhibit page (also the tab above), so you may learn more about each photographer’s work as well.  I appreciate the interest that many of you have shown in this project and I hope to do more collaborative projects in the future. But for now, enjoy and a most Happy New Year to all!






23 thoughts on “Take 12! December

  1. Meg this Take 12 by 12 people on the 12th is brilliant! I’ve only looked at half so far and will have to come back tomorrow for the rest but love what I’m seeing and the variety of styles and images.

  2. Meg, what a wonderful exhibit! I’m really enjoying everyone’s work and want to send a huge thank you for all of your efforts pulling this together. I was so touched to be included in your group of 12! Best wishes to you and your family for a fantastic New Year. 🙂

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  4. Meg, thanks again for your hard work. It will take me some time to peruse each participant’s work. So I’ll be back for other comments. You’ve done a stellar job of curation. Let’s hope for additional collaborative projects in 2015. Again I appreciate be included in this 2014 project.

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  6. Thanks for including me in this exhibition, Meg. So much fun to see what the others have come up with and realise I’m not the only one who felt challenged. Thank you for pulling this together too! Have a great year ahead!

    • Thank you for participating JX! It was very interesting to me to see how people felt as they went about their day and what the challenges were for each person-best wishes to all of you for the New Year-I look forward to seeing more of Donna’s adventures! 🙂

  7. Meg, you are a real inspiration to us with your images and now by reaching out and inviting the iPhotography community in. You’ve introduced us to some wonderful talent. Many thanks for including us and for your time and energy putting this together!

  8. Wonderful stuff but once again the photogs missed that shot of me on the couch in my underwear drinking beer and watching football. Oh well, there’s always next year. Kidding aside, some wonderful images, a job well done.

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  10. I haven’t yet worked out how to process on my Samsung mini and am much happier with my little Canon digital but it’s interesting to see these results. Happy 2015 to you!

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