Take 12! April

Here we are for April and this month’s Take 12! Fatigue kind of ruled the day so I stuck close by- as it was the backyard needed some attention and I only made a dent and a small one at that. Distracting me was small pet Hubble pretending he was the Flash.

Five Things I Learned Today

1) Today is Greek Easter when Stavros the Easter Bunny comes to visit bearing reduced price Easter candy. I cracked up when I heard this from a good friend who is Greek Orthodox. Jack Henry says “Great-Bring on the Lamb!”

2) I really, really do not like the new WP format-so much so, that I am thinking of switching platforms. There used to be way to go back to the old format for setting up posts, but I have not found it yet.

3) According to Wrigley, the company that manufactures Juicy Fruit gum, the main ingredients are “lemon, orange, pineapple and banana,” which might be a nicer way of saying “isoamyl acetate.”

4) Deep red and pink appear to be the most popular azalea colors in the neighborhood.

5) The Falkland Islands have a total human population of about 2000 people and a sheep population of about 700,000.

Images taken with iPhone 5s and processed with Snapseed, Pic-Tap-Go. Tangled Fx, Coowl, PhotoToaster, iColorama s, and Perfect BW

For today: Take 12! April


8 thoughts on “Take 12! April

  1. Great variety and just love Hubbles delicate paws. I too hate the new WP format so much so that I fiddled and played around until I found out how to get back to the old one. If you click on My Sites in the top left hand corner next to Reader it opens the new Stats format page but if you then click on WP Admin which is above the blue box “Stats” it should take you to the old Dashboard page (it opens in a new tab) where you can access all the features of the old WP format on the left hand side. Hope this helps

    • What a relief! Thanks Lee for the information-I tried it, it works and I am a happy WP camper again-and thanks for looking-I had to laugh about Hubble’s paws-having been smacked in the face once or twice with them, they did not feel too delicate-I must chat with him about that 😉 !

    • Not for lack of trying for Hubble and his selfies-I was just amazed that he stood still long enough in the yard for me to get them-he was very busy that day chasing squirrels, birds and BEES 😮 !

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