A Box of Memories

One of the things that traveled back to North Carolina with me was a box full of baby shoes-as there were six of us, you can imagine how full that box was. On top of that, there is only a seven-year difference between the oldest and youngest so at any given time, there was a pack of toddlers roaming around. We have also learned that my parents threw very little away-much to our amazement. It was all just neatly stored in boxes on shelves in the basement.

So, I have been taking the shoes out and arranging and sorting and playing with them. You might see more of them in the future.

Image taken with iPhone 5s and processed with Snapseed, Photo Retouch and Stackables

For today: Baby Shoe Bop #1

Baby Shoe Bop #1

Baby Shoe Bop #1


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