Take 12! October

This month’s 12th fell on a Monday–not always the greatest of days for me. I was looking at a pile of stuff that had to be written and turned in. But–somehow the day was forgiving in allowing me to at least put a dent in the work and get out to take pictures.

Where I  Was At:

Literally–At Target-my iPad charger cord decided it was retired so it offered me the opportunity (?) to go to the Target nearby. It was Columbus Day and the store for a Monday morning was quite busy. And as I was rounding the corner of the Halloween stuff, I was stopped by the growing display of Christmas lights, trees, lighting displays and what seems to be the hot item-the Christmas Pig. Later on, I took a brief road trip with a friend to Gastonia for an errand. Between those two jaunts and a quick walk about, I was able to come up with enough images for the month. Somehow it always works out.

Mentally–These days I feel like I am slogging through mud. The fact that I used some variant of the word “Autumn” for many of these pictures would suggest my brain does not want to be pushed too much. Ugh.

Creatively– Well, I do feel like the fog is lifting and I find that ideas are coming more easily than before. Not that everything will work out, but it does provide a starting point.

Images taken with iPhone 5s and processed with  Stackables, iColorama S, Pic-Tap-Go, Distressed Fx, Photo Toaster, and Snapseed-

For today: Take 12! October


15 thoughts on “Take 12! October

    • Haha! Here, it just seems to start earlier and earlier. Some stores have gotten rid of their Halloween merchandise to make room for Christmas. Nice to see your Take 12! too Lee-that new little house is just Flair’s size 😉

      • And she thinks the bed is ALL for her! We have discussions just about every bedtime 🙂

      • ah yes–I am very aware of THAT particular conversation. Dogs are wonderful that way–ever hopeful of swaying you to their point of view 😉

        On Thu, Oct 15, 2015 at 5:01 PM, Move the Chair wrote:


  1. Nice work, Meg. You’re really on to something with Autumn Monday (and previously Kentucky Skies). Love the gourds too.
    Christmas pig? That’s really a thing? OMG, am I ever out of the loop.
    BTW, Baby Shoe Bop is hilarious.

    • Thank you Bill-I enjoy landscapes-a genre I never though I would warm up to much. Who knew? and yes, look for the Christmas Pig near you (or not) There is something to be said about being outside the loop-and thanks on Baby Shoe Bop-I am still working with the shoes and hope to post more pictures soon-I appreciate you looking as always!

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