Take 12! December

After doing today’s Take 12! I have found myself at a crossroads. I have been doing this every month since 2011-and now I am wondering whether to continue into 2016. If I do, it has become clear that I need to plan a bit better, as I keep finding myself more often than not, walking the neighborhood month after month. Better planned outings might make for more interesting projects. I had also not planned on making the images so top-heavy with Christmas, but that is the way it goes.

Where I  Was At:

Literally–around the neighborhood and house. Unlike previous years, there seems to be a decrease in decorations, which is strange to me at least as there are a lot more children in the neighborhood. No shortage of white lights though. I grew up in a neighborhood where white lights were quite exotic-the more color the better.

Mentally–Am thinking some about next year and what kinds of things I might like to try. I am thinking about a photo a day project, but am on the fence about that. A bit melancholy too, though I definitely try to take it a day at a time here. I like Christmas and I do enjoy seeing the lights, hearing the sounds and the smells–delicious!

Creatively– Still up and down, but am taking the tack that it is all okay. I have been playing around with using the iPhone to create illustrations of toys (and Hubble) which has been fun.

Images taken with iPhone 5s and processed with  Stackables, iColorama S, Pic-Tap-Go, Gloomlogue, Photo Toaster, and Snapseed-

For today: Take 12! December



27 thoughts on “Take 12! December

  1. Wow, you have been doing this for quite a while Meg! And I forgot, again 😦 Christmas can be a hard time when family members are no longer with us because of the memories every Xmas brings. Sometimes it’s just good to sit and let it all wash over you, take some of it in and accept that things are different. Not good or bad, just different. Creativity will return, it seems to like cycling through our lives, leaving us and then returning. Often on a slightly higher level and sometimes with a jump. Enjoy the choices that life brings you Meg, as I enjoy your images and Blog very much.

    • Thank you so much Lee-I appreciate it. It is hard sometimes to just sit and feel, but oh so necessary I am learning. I appreciate your visits very much and always enjoy seeing what the world through your eyes (and Flair too!)

      • I too am trying to slow down and really ‘see’ the image, Meg but still get side tracked into the ‘happy snap mode’ all too often.

  2. Even if I am not the biggest fan of Christmas. those pictures are so beautiful 🙂 But anyway it’s good to have goals for next year which you wanna achieve. I have always wanted to really do the exact thing I promised that I will really do, never worked out, but I think “the older the wiser”, what do you think? 🙂 still, thumbs up, well written !

  3. I think it is a wonderful gallery of images Meg. Who care whether the setting for images is your neighborhood or Paris. You can be creative wherever you go. I would love to see you do a photo a day next year.

    PS That picture of Jack Henry is greeting card worthy. So adorable!
    PSS – The ‘miss you’ captions made me want to come there and give you a hug. Sending you a virtual hug instead 🐙

    • Thank you Lisa so much-it is funny-periodically I go back and look through the Take 12! galleries and I am also amazed at some of the images that struck me on a particular day. Certain themes definitely emerge but I was glad to see that at times I was willing to venture out from my comfort zone. I am thinking seriously about the photo a day for 2016. As always thank you and enjoy your time in Sidney-it looks fabulous! (of course it would be more so if Hubble were there 😉 just his opinion)

  4. Hi Meg,

    I don’t know what the answer is to your searching, but I will say I enjoyed this group of photos very much. They are nostalgic and melancholy, as you describe your own mood. They are cohesive. There’s a through line. I wonder if maybe the “success” of this creative and many a creative effort is just doing the work, being where you are emotionally at any given time and allowing that. Maybe it has very little to do with “ideas,” per se, or even subject matter.

    Anyway, love you! Looking forward to seeing you this week 🙂



    • You are absolutely right Becky-the willingness to just show up and try is often enough. This year has been one of real ups and downs creatively-and a bit rockier than in years past. I appreciate you being along and for your support-Thank you my friend!

  5. I really love your work and Jack Henry is just too adorable for words. I do an image a day with my monochrome work – I now do series and schedule them in advance – which then gives me some breathing space and time to work on some more images.

    • Thank you Raewyn-in the past I have taken and processed a photo on the same day and then posted it the day after-it got a little harried some days because I would forget until the last minute. So I am not quite sure what I will do next. I like the idea of working ahead-it definitely allows you to work on other things too. Thank you as always for stopping by!

  6. Fine gallery Meg – Jack Henry is looking very Dickensian. I have been on the photo per day lark for nearly two years at https://www.polaroidblipfoto.com. I cheat a bit but it does me thinking about images and using the camera more than I would do otherwise. Polaroidblipfoto is free at the moment but currently crowd-funding to ensure survival. All the best, R

    • Thank you Robin-yes Jack Henry has a bit of the Old World look about him at times to be sure.The daily photograph was wonderful in terms of building discipline and I think improving the way I saw the world-so it is definitely a worthy undertaking. I checked out Polaroidblipfoto and I really liked what I saw. So that is definitely a possibility. I would love to do a Polaroid a day, but the cost of the film alone–yikes!!!

  7. A very beautiful and touching set of images, Meg, and to me quite cohesive. I really like “Welcome,” I’ve always had a thing for door pictures (looking at one of my own on the wall right now). “Miss You Baby Bro” brought a tear to my eye.

    I understand the melancholy. Sometimes this helps:
    Thank you, God, for what you’ve given me,
    what you’ve taken away,
    and what’s left.

    Please keep up your creative efforts. You have much to show the world.

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