1/365 The Ground Rules

Looking at that title, I guess it could be taken a couple of different ways. My subconscious self is on overdrive these days, I think.

Pushing ahead with my 365 day project, here are the ground rules I decided upon:

  • Every photograph is to be taken, processed and posted on that day. I may try themes too down the road.
  • Uploading might take place at different times. I am hoping that I can post in the early evening each day so there is some kind of continuity. 
  •  iPhone and iPad only
  • Take 12! will still happen every month (and again, anyone who is interested in participating, please feel free to jump in. If interested, contact me. And if you want to see what one Take 12! effort looked like, click the Take 12! exhibit tab at the top of the page.)
  • I will also try to be better about posting “before” and “after” shots. I know some people find that interesting.

So as a friend would say, simple, but not easy. One of the things I also promised myself was that I would get out more to different places. So that also means to be a little more organized, which is not always my strong suit. As much as I like my street and backyard, it has gotten comfortable and it definitely is time to shake things up.

Having said that, today’s image is–guess what–a backyard one. We have had a lot of rain over the last week and the other day was quite windy. When I went out this morning with the dogs, I noticed all the camellias lying on the ground. I thought it offered a number of interesting possibilities. I ended up playing with this in iColorama using some presets I have never used before. The results were an interesting grouping of abstract images of which two are shown below. After looking at them, I also realized that another flower had emerged. 

So here we go-Happy New Year to all-Let’s see what the coming days and months brings my way-

Image taken with iPhone 5s and processed with Snapseed, Colorama and InstaBlender-

For today: Camellia Abstracts

Beginning Cleaned Up Shot

Beginning Cleaned Up Shot

Using Unperspec/iColorama

Using Unperspec/iColorama and ImageBlender

Blending of Both Images

Blending of Both Images with Filter


14 thoughts on “1/365 The Ground Rules

    • It is interesting as I originally was just going to process the top image without getting too fancy, but I started to play around with these other effects to see where it was going. The 1/365 simply is showing that it is Day 1 of a 365 day project-just a way to keep track of where I am. Thanks so much for taking the time to look and comment!

      • My pleasure! Yeah i figured that it was a way to mark the day of the 365 project but is there an aim for the project?
        Great job on 2/365 btw. Looks like a painting.

      • Thanks! No real aim at this point other than to document something each day. So we shall see where it goes. It looks like there are a lot of other 365 projects getting underway right now. Should be interesting!

        On Sat, Jan 2, 2016 at 10:07 PM, Move the Chair wrote:


    • 🙂 ! Not you! Actually, I think people can do 365s however way they want to. I know some folks take a lot of pictures and then post one a day-it is still a post a day to me anyway. And we will see how well I can stick to my own guidelines-starting a project like this, in the middle of a very crunchy and time-consuming writing project may not be good for my mental health 😉 Thanks Robin for visiting!

  1. All the best with your ground rules for your 365. I personally just take lots of photos of which I post one or two every day! I’ll try and remember the 12th every month this year – that’s as good as my resolutions are going to get this year. Love the pale middle image Meg it’s stunning, looks like zoom camera movement.

    • Ah, thanks Lee-we shall see how it goes. It is definitely an exercise to remind me to stay in my day that is for sure. And I hope to see you on the 12th-I always look forward to seeing your part of the word on that day!

  2. Just glorious! Knocked it out of the park on Day 1/365. You were actually an inspiration to me and I’ve started my own 365 on Instagram with plans to sum up ‘the best’ at the end of each month. Thanks for the beauty and the inspiration

    • That’s terrific Lisa! I love seeing other’s 365 projects-always interesting to see how people view their world. I will be following along to see how your year is coming-I suspect lots of travel in the forecast. I like the idea too of the best at the end of the month-Thank you for your support and enthusiasm. See you on IG! 🙂

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