4/365 Footlight Parade

Some of you have may remember one of the earlier images from the Baby Bop series using the baby shoes of the various Greene siblings. Today I was playing around with them some more-my first couple of ideas did not work so well-I need to think about how I can position them up without having to rely on a lot of ReTouch or Photoshop Fix to cover up spots. So instead I tried something a little more straightforward. It has been fun working with the shoes, especially since I know the people who once walked in them. There is a box full of these things, so there are endless possibilities I think in working with them.

I have also included a shot so you can see what the image looked like beforehand. I rely almost exclusively on natural light-I am very fortunate in that the room I work in has a large pair of windows with southern exposure.I am pretty low-tech when it comes to equipment–for me, the simpler the better. But I am realizing that I may have to investigate using reflectors possibly. One thing I did do differently is I cooled the image down considerably. I tend to favor warmer tones for a lot of my stuff.

Image taken with iPhone 5s and processed with Snapseed, ReTouch, Stackables

For today: Footlight Parade

Footlight Parade Before

Footlight Parade Before

Footlight Parade #1

Footlight Parade #1




15 thoughts on “4/365 Footlight Parade

  1. Wow, fancy having all those baby shoes! I had parents who, if it wasn’t being used, it went out. Lost lots of good stuff that way 😦
    I love natural light too, it’s so easy but I have made a reflector that works well just by putting aluminium foil over a heavy sheet of cardboard. I use it for indoor flower shots so it is only about 15″ square but you could make it bigger easily. It’s a way to see if you really would use a reflector before buying. I still haven’t bought one as I don’t do enough indoors work. We don’t have your sort of winters. It’s an interesting shot by the way and I like the bleached look.

    • One of the big surprises in cleaning out my parents’ house was just how much stuff they did keep-it was just all nicely tucked away in boxes, so we found all kinds of things, but sadly now, no one is around to tell us much. I was surprised to find the shoes. I think my parents recycled as much as they could between six kids-we were all very close in age, so there were infants and toddlers bumbling about all the time. That is a great idea for the reflector-that I can do without too much pain 😉 Thank you for the suggestion Lee!

      • Six kids – it must have been a marvellous childhood all being close in age. It is sad when there is no longer anyone around to tell you a bit of the history of things.

      • It was pretty good and I am grateful to have grown up in a large family. But yes, so many questions now, with not so many answers.

        On Tue, Jan 5, 2016 at 4:34 PM, Move the Chair wrote:


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