Take 12! January

The first Take 12! of 2016-and we are off on a walk through the neighborhood-

Where I  Was At:

Literally–Again, because of work, I ended staying close in the neighborhood. As I was walking around taking in all the demolition of older homes being replaced by newer, bigger homes, in ground swimming pools and the decimation of trees and green space, I found myself thinking a lot about the process of rebuilding and reconstructing. I cannot say I am real happy about what is happening here, but change is the one constant I know I can always count on. 

Mentally–Rebuilding and reconstructing thoughts seemed to be the mind occupier today. As I was walking and taking pictures, I was thinking about what I would like to do differently this year with my photography. No real answer, yet–at least not one that I am ready to verbalize.

Creatively– I am exploring the idea of photo chapbooks and what those might look like. And I have sketched out some ideas for my “Dog at the Table” series.

Images taken with iPhone 5s and processed with  Stackables, iColorama S, Pic-Tap-Go, Formulas, and Snapseed-

For today: Take 12! January


13 thoughts on “Take 12! January

    • Thank you Cindy-there are still some pockets where some interesting stuff is going on-urban farming is really taking hold here-some folks are raising chickens and the house with the giant chess set has a huge front yard garden.

    • Thank you Johanna–it will be very interesting to see how some of this stuff starts to shake out. And yes, Jack Henry is the star of Dog at the Table, so look for that on Little Dogs Laughed soon-lots of pets to Miss Charley!

  1. Great first Take 12 for 2016, love Memories of You. Your musings on demolition and rebuilding – I find it sad that we have this need to tear down and build bigger, removing much of the beauty that was already in place to do so. And intrigued what is a photo chapbook?

    • Thank you Lee-it is sad to see what is happening here, but this is also a city that is not known for taking very good care of its history-and there appears to be some very misguided “visionary” thinking going on. A photo chapbook is a handmade book-you often see them for poetry and prose, but they can be done for photos as well. People often print the pages out on their computer and then sew pages together with a very simple stitch to hold the pages together-There are a number of micro presses here, many of them run by women which feature chap books as part of their offerings. You might find it of interest for your own work-and the Memories of You are dried roses from my mother’s garden-

      • Thanks for the info on Chapbooks, I hadn’t heard the term before although I’ve seen a couple. Worth thinking about especially for some of the smaller series I have ( and I’m sure you do to). By the title I thought the roses may have been connected to your mother in some way. A lovely memory.

  2. Great collection, Meg. This Camelia Abstract really works for me. The caption “I Don’t Have the Words” really completes that image, funny how words can change the meaning of an image. Same thing with “It’s Following Me.” Rebuilding and reconstructing — happy to report that St. Charles is still old, but you would not believe all the new construction at Lindenwood.

    • Terrific Meghan! I love how you documented your day–a full one to be sure and I do hope that you will be able to participate this year as often as you can–given the places you live and are traveling, it should provide plenty of inspiration-Thank you!

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