43/366 Take 12! February

A black and white world we visit today-literally and figuratively-

Where I  Was At:

Literally–This overcast Friday morning, complete with snow flurries, found me at Elmwood/Pinewood Cemetery near downtown Charlotte. I love this place–it is a wonderful example of the “rural park” cemeteries popular in the mid-nineteenth century. A park-like vista with plenty of trees and seasonal plantings, winding roads, gently sloping hills–it is a wonderful place to visit, no matter the time of the year. Other than the ground crews, it appeared I was the only visitor.

Mentally–I just wanted some quiet today. And this is a good place for it. I am always struck by the incongruities here. Up until the 1960s, a chain link fence divided Elmwood-the white cemetery, from Pinewood, the African American cemetery. The fence is no longer standing, but you still get a sense of crossing from one area to the other. The cemeteries are interesting contrasts in materials and expression. In Elmwood, mausoleums of quarried stone and slate shingle roofs vie with no-less elaborate buildings in Pinewood, constructed of variegated brick arranged in decorative patterns. But certain motifs and symbols are constant — between the  small lambs that adorn children’s graves to the angels and sorrowful women that keep watch on both sides. Of the two though, I tend to spend more time in the Pinewood area; I find it visually more interesting.

Creatively– Lately, it has been a real up and down ride. One day I am bursting with ideas; the next day I ask why do I even pick up a camera (or a phone). So it goes-one thing I am doing differently is making sure I allow myself time to take at least one picture, if not more everyday. 

And if you want more Take 12! visit Lee at Beyond Purgatory for her view of the world on this 12th of February-

Images taken with iPhone 5s and processed with Snapseed, Pic-Tap-Go, Stackables, and Formulas-

For today: Take 12! February



17 thoughts on “43/366 Take 12! February

  1. Great Take 12 Meg. I too would visit that cemetery it looks so interesting and so large! A very careworn angel to finish with but also a real cross-section of tombstones.

    • Thanks Lee! The cemetery is huge-I am not sure how many acres, but I suspect that more than one developer would love to get their hands on that land. Someone told me once that golf courses and cemeteries were the last of the great acreages in America-and they are right on so many levels-that angel is a strange girl to be sure-I found her in an area that I had not explored much-she is a bit unsettling–at least for me! See you next month 😉

  2. Alright, you just had to go and take a bunch of pictures in one of my favorite settings: an old cemetery. And you nailed it. Barefoot Horton, George Miller, Grief, I Weep, and Family Gathering stand out in particular. Interesting about the division of the cemetery, and the sort of “invisible fence” that remains.

    • Ha! You would love this place Bill and I suspect with your eye, you might find even more interesting (and incongruous) possibilities. There is a railroad track that runs to the north of the cemetery-one of the shots I took that did not come out real well was of three very old tombstones with graffiti-ridden train cars in the background–not a shot you could get during the summer because of the trees, but stuff like that is all around-it is a great place to explore-Thanks so much-I appreciate hearing your thoughts!

    • Barefoot is located in the Elmwood part of the cemetery-there are other Hortons around him, but none with such distinctive monikers-and I agree-the angel was a bit unsettling-certainly not the guardian angels my mother favored 😉

  3. I LOVE that you took the shots in one place… (makes me feel better about all mine being taken in one spot! lol) Hard to say which I like best … That first angel is pretty mesmerizing. These kinds of cemeteries have such a rich vein of meaning and visual depth. Now I’m inspired to visit the one we have in McCall when I get home. Anyway, here is mine for this month: http://firebonnet.com/take-12-bear-crossing/

    • Hey Meghan–sometimes I have done my Take 12! just in my backyard–I think one month because I was hobbled with a bad ankle, one set was done entirely in the house-so taking them all in one place is MORE than acceptable-we work with what we have, right? Glad to see you again this month with this-hope all is well. And yes, consider doing a series around the McCall cemetery-I suspect there are some interesting sights there-Thank you for visiting!

  4. Well you seem to be bursting with creativity here Meg. I know that feeling of being on a ‘creative roller coaster’ but from the photos you have been sharing on Instagram, I think you are on an elevator going up 🙂

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