61/366 Pinhole Adventures

I found a new app, called Pinhole Cam that replicates the taking of a photograph, the pinhole way. I tried this in the backyard this afternoon–with Hubble’s help-however, after he almost tipped over the tripod he was banished to another part of the yard. I focused on the washtub hanging on the side of the old garage. I set the exposure for 5 minutes and just waited, while I played ball with Hubble. It’s not the most interesting image in the world, but it did give me a sense of what I can do with it. It is an app that I think has some interesting possibilities and so I suspect I will continue to fool around with it some more. I might even try some night-time shots to see what it can do-

Image taken with Pinhole App and processed with Snapseed-

For today: Pinhole Washtub

Pinhole Washtub

Pinhole Washtub



11 thoughts on “61/366 Pinhole Adventures

    • Pin holes are making a big comeback it would seem as are a lot of the “wet” processes, which is heartening-And the app technology now is amazing-though I am waiting for one that allows you to do Polaroid manipulations-That I really do miss-Thanks Sally so much-

      • I spent many, many years in splendid happiness hand-manipulating Polaroids. Still take photographs with my SX-70, using film from The Impossible Project. The film is getting closer and closer to the original.

      • That is what I understand-and I know there is a photo printer from the Impossible Project that allows you to print polaroids from your iPhone-that is on my wish list right now-there is something so intimate about Polaroids that will always make them unique and special for me-Thanks Sally!

        On Fri, Mar 18, 2016 at 10:24 AM, Move the Chair wrote:


    • Yes, this is an app-and I use my big tripod for the iPhone-there is an attachment you can get that screws onto the tripod and allows you to fit the iPhone without it falling. It looks a little silly, but it gets the job done! 🙂

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