88/366 Flow

Some spirea cut from the bushes in the front yard-

Image taken with iPhone 5s and processed with Snapseed, Stackables, iColorama, Formulas and RePix

For today: Flow





14 thoughts on “88/366 Flow

  1. Meg, your image has a lovely oriental effect, floating in spring’s offerings. I’ve started using stackable and wanted your advice. Any hints…also how do you save a layer or mask. It’s an app that does not seem as intuitive as others. But I do like the effects. Any help is appreciated.

    • Thank you Sally-I thought so too after I looked at it again. And I reworked the same subject matter from a different angle and it also has that influence a bit too. So who knows where I am going right now-

      Stackables–okay, I tend to work mostly with the first group (the checkerboard square at the far left)-to me that provides me pretty much with what I need, so I do not do a lot with the preset formulas. The only way I have found to save a layer is to directly save the image (with the layer or layers) to the camera roll. You can also save layer(s) as a “formula” that can include the mask-the problem with that is if you use the formula again on a different image, it does not always come out the way you would like because the mask and layers are fixed. (I hope that makes sense). I hope that helps Sally-you might check out here http://theappwhisperer.com/2015/02/20/ios-mobile-photography-app-tutorial-stackables-part-1-by-jerry-jobe/ he does a good job of explaining what each tool does and how it can be used-hope that helps Sally! Good luck-I look forward to seeing what you do ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Meg, thanks for the reply. Actually, I’ve watched the app whisperer’s tutorial on Stackables, and it did help. I’ve been doing just as you suggested saving the layer to the Camera Roll. I thought that they would have a way to save a layer and then another layer on that one. Anyway, many thanks. It’s going to be another series of experiments.

      • You are most welcome Sally-I really like Stackables, and for me, the textures are the best part of the app. Some of the other presets seem really heavy-handed. I hope you will post some of your work!

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