127/366 The Wandering Pup

This image started out as a Hipstamatic photograph using their newest combo “Runway.” I really liked what I saw from other people using it, but when applying it to an image of Hubble wandering in the garden, it just was not working for me.

I am also really missing working with Polaroids–right now the closest I can come is using the Polamatic app, though I am keeping a close eye on the Impossible Project’s newest offering coming next week: a new instant camera, the i-1, with a ring flash attached-more on that later. But for now, I put this image through its paces with a couple of different apps to get the result I had hoped.

Image taken with Hipstamatic “Runway” and processed with Snapseed, iColorama, Pic-Tap-Go and Polamatic

For today: The Wandering Pup

The Wandering Pup

The Wandering Pup



12 thoughts on “127/366 The Wandering Pup

  1. Very nice image, very eerie. So I just read up on the Impossible Project, about blew my mind! I had no idea.

    • I know, it’s pretty amazing-though instead of the 10-pack which used to be standard for Polaroid, it is only an 8-pack, so it is a bit pricey, but I may take the plunge-that or go back to using my Mio again-but I cannot wait to see the new camera-thanks Bill!

  2. Sorry, I can’t wrap my mind around this. It looks like slime or something – until I read it was a dog, I could not see it. Love U, but not this!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks Julie-yes, that backyard is definitely his domain and he quite the busy bee when he is outside–always a squirrel to pester or birds to chase- ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ah yes, Hipstamatic-that is whole ‘nother world indeed-I know some photographers that only use that app and nothing else-

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