132/366 Take 12! May

Another 12th has snuck up on me-

Where I  Was At:

Literally–Running errands. 

Mentally–I had deadlines today, so it was hard to be present in taking photos. It was also hot and sticky out and I was not in the mood to stand around in heat. Usually I can deal with it, but today it was kind of a deal-breaker. Probably the high point was seeing what was going on at the house located a block over that has the front yard garden and ginormous chess set. They have added some new yard art, which is just wonderful.

Creatively– Who knows anymore? I just try not to think too much about it.

Images taken with iPhone 5s and processed with Snapseed, iColorama, Stackables, RePix. Trigaphy, and Pic-Tap-Go-

For today: Take 12! May

And check out Lee’s series for the month at Beyond Purgatory for some wonderful images of water, skies and her dog, Flair.



15 thoughts on “132/366 Take 12! May

    • Thanks Su-and we are just moving into the beginning of summer. You are right about the humidity–it just saps you clean. The house with the chess set is wonderful-I have a sense that they let the kids do a lot of the “landscaping” and there are vegetable gardens too-I love going by there to see what else they have added-as the neighborhood begins to look more and more bland with new construction and teardowns, these homes are a real bright spot and tribute to creativtiy-Thanks so much for visiting!

  1. An eclectic group for this month Meg, but glad you managed to collect the images between errands. Like The World at Noon and if you’ve got a yellow car why not have a lei 🙂

  2. Love the 3 “Choices,” they would make a nice triptych! Also love the trees. Amazing what you come up with on a busy day!

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