152/366 Rethinking the Petunia

I am not a fan of petunias–in fact, I find them too pink, too red, too purple and too fussy–where this comes from, I cannot say entirely, but I am sure my mother had something to do with it, as she did not tolerate them either, until much later in her life.

So it was with a bit of a start, that I was told that the flowers pictured here are in fact petunias. I was captivated by the lovely colors and shades with their cooler-hued tones, than the more traditional colors that you often see around here.

Will I have them in my yard? Probably not-but my mother swore she would never either-

And on another note, I have signed up for an 8 Day Challenge though the Abundant Artist. Day 1 is simply stating that you are participating-over the next several days artists from all over will be showing their work, and hopefully selling some too. If interested, check out: The Abundant Artist here.

Image taken with iPhone 5s and processed with Snapseed, iColorama, and Stackables-

For today: Rethinking the Petunia

Rethinking the Petunia

Rethinking the Petunia



19 thoughts on “152/366 Rethinking the Petunia

  1. I personally love petunias Meg, but then my mother loved them too. They are so unfussy and grow just about anywhere in Australia. I prefer the purples, creams and multi coloured and frilled edged, not the hot pink. Like your treatment of these it softens them down and gives them an old world feel.

    • Thanks Lee-based on the comments, this image clearly struck a chord with the gardeners πŸ˜‰ It is funny to me how my mother’s likes and dislikes in the garden have been passed on in some cases, and in others, a kind of quiet rebellion-she had little use for wild flowers, until later in her life, where those have always been among my favorite flowers-These were quite lovely, and I might reconsider, given that they hold up well in the Southern summer heat- πŸ™‚

  2. Meg, another one of your good work. Like the soft colours. Although I used to grow Petunias in baskets, boxes etc in our garden in England, but they are certainly not my favourite blooms. But they lasted well and brightened up the place.

    • Thank you Carina! I am learning that petunias can be a hardy flower and a particular favorite with some-but I can imagine where you are, you have a whole other world of blooms and blossoms to choose from-Thank you for visiting! πŸ™‚

  3. I love petunias, also because my mother loved them and had some growing in a huge pot on her (now my) balcony, ‘tho these days I grow succulents as they don’t require much work. Love your rendition.

  4. I have these in a pot on my patio. The name of my variety is called Million Bells. It blooms almost all summer and requires no deadheading. I’ve used them for years. When I first came upon them I did not know they were petunias and fell in love w/ them – I too do not like petunias as they are short lived and get very leggy. This is a great shot. Mine are white, bronze and I believe this color purple.

    • If someone had not told me that these were petunias I probably would not have given them much of a look but these were truly lovely and the colors were beautifully muted compared to the regular ones you often see-Thank you Joan!

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