167/366 Whites

I love buttons and over time have collected quite a few. Many of these below belonged to my mother’s mother and my mother. There is nothing special about the buttons themselves, just special memories of the people who touched and used them-

Image taken with Hipstamatic Chan lens and Robusto film and processed with iColorama and Pic-Tap-Go

For today: Whites





11 thoughts on “167/366 Whites

  1. Interestingly, my late mother had a huge jar of all the buttons she must have removed from old clothes she disposed of…very colourful. I liked to look through them as they were a potted history of styles of fashion and especially of her own taste and style (she was very chic in her day). I gave these away to the local community chest, in the hope some crafter will get good use of them. Love this photo.

    • Thank you so much Janina! I found it very interesting that many women have stories of their own about button jars and button boxes and the memories that they hold- a fascinating insight to the wonderful world that many mothers and daughters shared-thanks so much for visiting!

  2. Lovely photo Meg. We used to have a button jar when I was a kid that always seemed to grow more full. I don’t remember ever actually using any of the buttons 😀

    • 🙂 ! I know-I remember my mother carefully removing buttons from certain garments because they were special-but rarely did they appear on anything else-but they made for great fun when playing-Thanks so much for looking!

    • I bet you do-I remember some posts where you were working on vintage clothing and beading-I love buttons-I know I will never use all of them, but their currency in memory runs strong-Thanks so much for visiting Raewyn!

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