193/366 Take 12! July

Something a bit different for this month-

Where I  Was At:

Literally-Another work deadline, but I promised myself this month to make the time to try some things. Today I haunted an alley and then walked around and about Winter Street. I envisioned this month’s day as a series of Polaroids with minimal processing. That meant paying extra attention to my surroundings. It was good. 

Mentally–Okay today. I think once I made the decision that I was going to give myself the time I needed, I relaxed and did not feel so rushed.

Creatively– As many of you know, I love Polaroids and I decided that for this month I wanted all of the images to have a Polaroid-type quality. I love the Polamatic app because it gives you selections of all the films that were made by the company with all of their amazing quirks and variations. It is not shooting with a Polaroid and I do miss that, but it comes close.  A project that has been percolating is the documenting of the neighborhood through the iPhone and Polaroids over the course of a year starting in 2017–but that is still in the thinking stages.

Images taken with iPhone 5s and processed with Snapseed and Polamatic using Sx-70, Spectra, and I-60 *film*

For today: Take 12! July


10 thoughts on “193/366 Take 12! July

    • It is Sally-I have my father’s SX-70 which I have used on a few occasions but have now relegated it to the shelf with some of the other family cameras for fear of the fragile bellows ripping. I have an old Spectra which is still workable-For me, using a Polaroid camera is just magical. And the app still has that magic for me. It sounds like for you too-Thanks so much for visiting-

  1. Oh, I totally forgot about it being the 12th! Just never even surfaced in any shape or form. I love what you are doing and thinking of doing for 2017 with Polaroids (or the next best thing), it brings a great look to these images. My fav. is the seat. Glad you didn’t forget Meg 🙂

  2. Great photos. I do love the polaroid feel to the images. Brings back memories of when the polaroids first came out. My daughter has a very new version of the polaroid camera for her college studies

    • I am glad to see that the Polaroid is being used, though it has gotten a lot pricier if one purchases a camera through the Impossible Project. Clearly though, there are a lot of people who still love the camera and what it can do-Thanks Raewyn!

    • I swear to god, those melons were as big as Jack Henry’s head–and that is BIG! It is hard to buy small pieces of fruit in the grocery stores anymore. When I saw this as a “personal” melon, I about choked–though Jack Henry assures me that it would have been a personal size for him. 😉 Thanks Julie!

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