207/366 She-Boom

More street art–I am not sure who this is supposed to be–possibly the artist’s muse? Queen Bey? Anyway, she is a larger-than-life attraction on this street-

Image taken with iPhone 5s and processed with Snapseed and Polamatic using 300 preset

For today: She-Boom




7 thoughts on “207/366 She-Boom

  1. Wow, you have some pretty good street artists there! But what really makes your image is the reflections in the window, a sort of “grounding” contrast

    • Thanks Bill-it seems in the last year or so, they have just come out of the woodwork (or brickwork) and there is some great stuff showing up. I was glad too I went with the window-the images of just her seemed isolated, is the best way to describe it-Appreciate you looking -always!!

  2. Meg your pictures of street art are fabulous and the ART itself is AMAZING. I live in a very small city 60 miles east of LA and we have no art….tagging sure and some that is flowing in its lettering….who the hell knows what they are saying…but Art? NO.

    LA has great pieces all through out the huge city, some actually commissioned but most not; this art needs to be “shown”, as you are so competently and brilliantly doing. Someone needs to put together an exhibit, with artists’ names if they can be found and so wish, locations of the actual art and your pictures in the galleries. I know, I know…legally and in reality in can’t be done but hey they left them on the street…maybe you could just do a book of anonymous “street art”. This stuff is powerful. ~~dru~~

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