213/366 I started Early

When I get bored, I get lazy. So for this month, I issued myself the following challenge-

Seeing as how I am totally fixated on Polaroids at the moment, I decided that for August, I would use the Polamatic app as my go-to camera and processing tool–nothing else.

It still gives me quite a bit of latitude and I am thinking of it as a dry run for a future project.

I also decided I like using quotes with my photographs, so I pulled out my tried and true (and dusty) copy of Emily Dickinson’s poems, and will be incorporating a verse or line with a Polaroid everyday this month. 

It is insane, I know.

Anyway today’s offering:

I started Early – Took my Dog –
And visited the Sea –
The Mermaids in the Basement
Came out to look at me –
                                                     –“I started early-Took my Dog” #656
Image taken with Polamatic app using SFX70 presets
For today: I started Early
I started Early

I started Early


24 thoughts on “213/366 I started Early

  1. I must be insane too — I don’t think there’s anything weird about that project. Great image, and great quote.

    • Oh I do, I do–it is a curse and a blessing I think Sally-thanks so much-What I really wish I would be able to do is to take real Polaroids, but the cost would be prohibitive-but we will see where this goes-Thanks for looking!

    • Three for three Lee! Thanks so much-I hate being in a rut and this seemed like a good way to shake it up. I will not be doing any traveling until the fall I think, so I had to come up with something that helps me see my everyday world in a different way-

      • Interesting how we can so easily get in a rut, we had a mist this morning – yeh! – and finally I took a different track for Flairs morning walk. Guess what? different shots entirely, only taken a few years to work that out 🙂

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