233/366 The Child’s faith is new-

From a stroll Uptown-

The Child’s faith is new—
Whole—like His Principle—
Wide—like the Sunrise
On fresh Eyes—
Never had a Doubt—
Laughs—at a Scruple—
Believes all sham
But Paradise—

Credits the World—
Deems His Dominion
Broadest of Sovereignties—
And Caesar—mean—
In the Comparison—
Baseless Emperor—
Ruler of Nought—
Yet swaying all—

Grown bye and bye
To hold mistaken
His pretty estimates
Of Prickly Things
He gains the skill
Sorrowful—as certain—
Men—to anticipate
Instead of Kings—

–#637, The Child’s faith is new-

Image taken with Polamatic camera app and processed with SFX70 film presets

For today: The Child’s Faith is new

The Child's Faith is new

The Child’s Faith is new



12 thoughts on “233/366 The Child’s faith is new-

    • Thank you Michael-this is one sculpture found in a “pocket park” in uptown Charlotte. There are some fountains with giant fish and another sculpture of large books. The title of this piece is “life is an open book.” It is a lovely space indeed-

  1. As I read and scrolled through that delightful poem, I wondered what kind of image would accompany it. Wow! That’s fantastic!

  2. Your picture made me remember how much fun it was to be a child where anything new was an adventure and your days were spent indulging your imagination. Somehow we lose that carefree spirit when we become adults. Nice photo, Meg!

    • I agree Susan-there is no doubt that as we get older, we put more restraints on ourselves–but it we are lucky, as we get even older, we can begin removing them again. I suspect that might be one reason some older people and small children get along so well-fewer boundaries. Appreciate the visit and your taking the time to comment! 🙂

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