247/366 My country need not change her gown

Something to end the Labor Day holiday weekend, and the Dickinson project. It occurred to me that one could quite easily construct a 365-day project around her poems. For that matter, it could go on for almost five years given Dickinson’s output.

But anyway, thanks to all who stuck with it-I appreciated hearing your insights and responses. Now to think of something for the rest of the month.

My country need not change her gown,
Her triple suit as sweet
As when ’twas cut at Lexington,
And first pronounced “a fit.”

Great Britain disapproves, “the stars”;
Disparagement discreet, —
There’s something in their attitude
That taunts her bayonet.

–#1511, My country need not change her gown

Image taken with Polamatic camera app and processed using SFX70 presets

For today: My country need not change her gown

My country

My country


6 thoughts on “247/366 My country need not change her gown

  1. As always Meg, Eloquent and Fitting.

    The picture “suits” (sorry) the poem, the past Holiday and is just beautiful. Not a huge patriot but a sincere one, I seldom display the flag and hate to have to try and dispose of those little plastic ones given out on holidays; I also hate it when I see them discarded in the street or otherwise desecrat although I believe everyone has a right to do as they see fit and I have no problems with the wearing of flag themed clothes; just don’t wear the actual flag if you want me to be happy.

    I feel this image is powerful and very “grass roots” and I’m saving it to revisit when I want.

    I LOVE the opening line but do think the gown needs some refurbishing. ~~dru~~

    • I apologize for the late response dru-I am trying to play catch-up with the many comments left over the last few weeks-This little flag appears on the appropriate holidays across the street. One year, someone went around the neighborhood either late at night or early in the morning and put a small flag in each person’s yard. It was quite a sight. This was a real moment of serendipity as I had seen the poem earlier that day and was wondering how I might interpret it-Thanks for looking!

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