299/366 Little Monster

No matter the season, I generally stay away from inflatables as a photography subject. For one thing, they terrify Jack Henry (Hubble is another story, he tried to attack them) and for another, they are not always that interesting to photograph. However, this one located across the street had possibilities. So after tucking in Jack Henry in for the night, I hiked back to the house to take pictures of it. The poem was a bonus.

This is a world where there are monsters
There are monsters everywhere, racoons and skunks
There are possums outside, there are monsters in my bed.
There is one monster. He is my little one.
I talk to my little monster.
I give my little monster some bacon but that does not satisfy him.
I tell him, ssh ssh, don’t growl little monster!
And he growls, oh boy does he growl!
And he wants something from me,
He wants my soul.
And finally giving in, I give him my gleaming soul
And as he eats my gleaming soul, I am one with him
And stare out his eyepits and I see nothing but white
And then I see nothing but fog and the white I had seen before was nothing but fog
And there is nothing but fog out the eyes of monsters.
–from “Monsters,” by Dorothea Lasky
Image taken with iPhone 5s and processed with Snapseed, iColorama, Stackables and Polamatic using the SFX70 presets
For today: Little Monster


Little Monster

Little Monster


4 thoughts on “299/366 Little Monster

    • I think this is one of my favorite images of all time and certainly of the month. I have been reading Halloween poetry throughout the month and I started by Googling “Halloween poems.” From there I would search for specifics for ghosts and skeletons and such. And just for grins, I put in a search for little monsters, and this gem popped up. The poem is considered kid-friendly 😮 ! Thanks Bill!

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