328/366 Yellow Leaf Study

I love taking pictures of autumn leaves as you can tell. Though the color was a bit muted this year in terms of oranges and reds, yellow abounds.

In working with this image, I tried out an app called Decim8 which I think holds interesting possibilities for abstract work.

Image taken and processed with iPhone 7 using Snapseed, iColorama, Stackables, Formulas and Decim8

For today: Yellow Leaf Study

Yellow Study #2

Yellow Study #2


12 thoughts on “328/366 Yellow Leaf Study

    • Thank you Susan! It is real easy to go w-a-a-y overboard with this app (which may be their intention) so it takes some doing to not make it so “in-your-face” with the processing, but I think yes, there are some interesting possibilities particularly for still life work-Hope your T-Day was a good one!

  1. I think i need a dish towel made to look like this. I have not taste and I have no refinement but i know what i like and i know when i could see it most. Sorry Susan….don’t really know seurat. BUT I KNOW THIS, I LIKE IT all little crosses and such – like it! Again you’re a winner in my space Meg….NOW WHAT ABOUT BUYING a image of a Magnolia? Sorry pissed off old lady with a deadline coming up and one that thought I’d found the PURRFECT gift. xxx ooo ~~dru~~
    ps you go girl!

    • ps ps : looked up Seurat Susan; VERY nice compliment sorry to be such a female dog but I feel bad after overindulging from T.Day and still don’t think that was the correct compliment. Good one though.

      Meg that is an amazing image but I doubt you were paying tribute…more like just experimenting. And now for good night….bye te byes. TOO MUCH Pumpkin Pie. ~~dru~~

      • Hey dru-I have found some images of magnolias and will be in touch with you in the next week about them. Have not forgotten-Thanks for looking! Hope Friday finds you feeling better-

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