341/366 If I can stop

Today is my mother’s birthday. I miss her. Though she was not much for poetry, I think she would have liked this sentiment–it is how she tried to live her life.

Image taken with iPhone 7 and processed with PhotoCopier, Snapseed, iColorama and Stackables. I am experimenting with *faux* photo emulsions and then running them through Polamatic.

The clip below the image is a deleted scene from the original 1940 film Fantasia. It has special meaning as the melody, “Clair de Lune” composed by Claude Debussy, was among my mother’s most favorite pieces.  She was among other things, an accomplished pianist and of all the music she played, it was the Romantic and the Impressionist composers she returned to again and again.  I can remember as a small child falling asleep under the blonde wood Baby Grand that belonged to her mother as she played–and this piece was played often. (She later traded that piano in for a spinet of all things, one of the great regrets of her life.) It was only fitting then, that the strains of Debussy escorted her at her funeral. The segment too would have appealed to my mother for her tremendous love of nature and its wonders.

Love you Mom.

For today: If I can stop

If I can stop

If I can stop



12 thoughts on “341/366 If I can stop

  1. Wow. Just wow. Yesterday marked 4 years since my mother’s death. Beautiful image and poem. And the Claire de Lune was perfect (I love egrets and herons).

  2. I love Debussy too and Fantasia was a fave film. It had a huge impact on me and my imagination, the love of the Arts and Disney animations. Your homage to your mother is loving and seeing that lovely scene brought tears. I wonder why it wasn’t included. But, there were some momentous scenes that I recall along with the music. A wonderful post.

  3. Oh Meg – this little article, the poem, your love for our Mom and this incredible moving piece of Debussy’s music just made me share even more tears then I was doing already all day (and so what – I am not ashamed to feel very occasionally very very emotional) we all have our own memories even little demons to deal with, and even more so if a year, like 2016, has completely passed you by on the ‘happy trail’, but then on the other side, I read here on WP and fb other stories that I am so grateful in the end to be alive and my family, too. I wish you a very happy, peaceful and safe Christmas – Carina

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