345/366 Just Like Everywhere Else

It is rare that I cannot find something to like about street art efforts-whether public art, graffiti, or commissioned pieces. Between the colors, energy, and vibrancy, it is easy to overlook a less-than-refined technique or use of materials. For me, the thrill as it were is taking in the cheeky, irreverent, or even reverent take on the oddities of the human condition and life, both past and present.

I had been watching this mural as it took shape on the side of a local bar and grill. I have gone back to look at it a couple of times since it was completed. It occurred to me that it was serving as a kind of metaphor for the neighborhood, (an unintentional consequence I am most sure). The neighborhood area around Central Avenue has a number of bar and grill/music venues, but this work has washed out the uniqueness of each establishment by serving them up in a color palette that to me is just drab–a gentrified take on color. I like the old-time postcard effect but as I recall those tended to be bright, even garish in their use of color. So it has quietly blended in with the rest of the street with its replicating apartment buildings and parking decks that eat up the old businesses and homes. I also realized that the artist may have had little choice in the color selection and was working with what he had been given.

I miss the original mural that was there-a day-glo representation of two fists pushed out with “America” inked across the knuckles. It was gritty and eye-catching. But that was then.

Oh, and the *dead* penguin is a testament to the old Penguin restaurant which had been a mainstay since the 1950s, but closed as a result of some bad business dealings. In its place is a new, upscale restaurant that will serve some kind of fusion cuisine. But there is always Pinky’s if you want your cheeseburger and fried pickles.

Image taken and processed with iPhone 7 using Snapseed, iColorama, and Stackables

For today: Just Like Everywhere Else

Just Like Everywhere Else

Just Like Everywhere Else



14 thoughts on “345/366 Just Like Everywhere Else

  1. I do like the old-time postcard effect, and I appreciate the image on that level. Your cultural critique certainly puts it in a different context, I never would have guessed.

    • It is supposed to be a dead penguin in memory of the Penguin Drive-In which went under a year or so ago. It was a great place and many were sorry to see it fold. But if you did not know about it, then yes, the penguin will not make much sense-Thanks Joan!

  2. I actually like the colouring on the right because it makes you look at the words and details. I think ‘greetings from’ ruins it. Don’t like the colours there. And I’ve just noticed the piranha fish? Lol haha funny. You’re either going to die from the food or get eaten by a piranha. I think it is a place you and the pups should avoid, Meg 😀

    • The piranha fish is some restaurant’s logo, which now escapes me. I did not notice it the first time around either. But with your take on the art and possible commentary, you can bet Jack Henry, Hubble and I will look for our burgers and fried pickles elsewhere 🙂 !!

    • thanks dru! I was at a local gallery today and we were talking about how the city is undergoing these overwhelming changes and growth. They were becoming a bit concerned as the rising rents might price them out of their building.

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