Move the Chair is the creation of  Meg Greene Malvasi, a writer and artist/photographer living in North Carolina. Although writing allows me to earn a living, it is photography that helps me to dream.

Currently, my camera of choice is the iPhone–almost all the pictures posted on this blog were taken  with the iPhone 4s and 5s as well as using an iPad for processing.

My subject of choice is photographing the everyday. Many of these daily expressions are often humble in appearance, easily overlooked as we go about our day. Still, one cannot help but be touched by these often fragile, but powerful connections—moments that will soon fade or be lost, but can be preserved by the camera.

This exploration of the overlooked, the forgotten, and the unknown, helps me to be engaged and present. And hopefully, the viewer will be engaged and present by these images as well.

If interested in seeing my dogs at work and play, check out the WordPress blog Little Dogs Laughed.

And, please respect the work by not stealing it. Most images are for sale, please contact me at littledogslaughed@gmail.com- 

85 thoughts on “About

  1. Beautiful work, I really like your blog and look forward to read and see more in the future!
    Greetings from the Far North

  2. Your work is impressive. I have enjoyed looking through it tonight. I am the photo editor of an online journal called The River Muse. I invite you to submit some of your work for our upcoming summer issue. I’d like to focus on iphoneography for this issue. See therivermuse.com for submission details.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments-I appreciate that. I did go to the The River Muse site-I am definitely interested in submitting some work for the summer issue. Thank you so much for letting me know and for taking the time to look around.

    • Thank you so much for coming by-Hopefully I will have more landscapes and old buildings in another month or so to view-I have enjoyed vicariously traveling with you on your blog-what amazing places you have visited!

  3. Enjoyed visiting and viewing your blog today. A lot of great photos. I love fruit still life too, so was happy to come upon your compositions. Also liked what you say here about photography allowing you to dream. I will stop by again. Kind regards.

  4. I really enjoy both of your blogs. Your aesthetic is very different from mine–but I really admire yours! I don’t trust myself to process images very much. I see a lot of processing that does not help the image at all. But you handle it the right way. I don’t know how deliberately you work, but the final result always appears deliberate.

    • Wow-thank you so much SoS-that is a very lovely compliment and I appreciate it very much. I enjoy your work very much as well-It is funny-sometimes the photos seem to process themselves, other times it takes some experimenting to get what I want-but no matter the case, the processing is one of the things I have come to enjoy very much with digital photography-

  5. Dear Meg,
    I stumbled upon a gem here today! What a place of dreamy beauty you have created through your photos. Thank you for bringing us on a journey to dream with your work. I am so much looking forward to getting to know you and Happy Thanksgiving! Sharon

    • Sharon-what a beautiful compliment! Thank you so much-I have enjoyed looking at your work as well-*see* you again soon! And thank you so much for stopping by and commenting-Happy Thanksgiving to you as well-

  6. Love your blog. You have a beautiful way of telling stories and creating wonderful atmosphere with your photos.
    I look forward to your future posts. Glad to have found you!
    Also, thanks for your visit to my Studio Thoughts and for your kind words.

  7. Again and again, the connections made through blogging delight me. My way of saying a big ‘thank you’ for your recent decision to start following Learning from Dogs. About to cross over to Little Dogs Laughed but will sign off by saying that a guest post from your hand would be wonderful. Best wishes.

  8. Hi, I would love to nominate your for this new Virtual Blog Tour. If you accept your post is on August 4th. I have chosen you as I just love your work and would love to see how your creative processes work. I was nominated by Wandering Iris.
    There are four questions to answer.
    1. What am I working on at the moment?
    2. How does my work differ from others of it’s genre?
    3. Why do I write/create what I do?
    4. How does my writing/creating process work?
    It would be great if you do take part.
    Cheers 😀

  9. I really like your work, you’ve got a great eye. Understood the post were you spoke about taking a break. It’s work putting together a great blog. Will have to look at your other blog as well. Will be back soon to do more exploring.

      • Well that was a good rewrite! My partner and I are thinking of a rewrite and this will be exemplary. We thank you.

      • Thank you-it’s funny, I write for a living, but writing an artists statement has been one of the most difficult things I have ever done. It really makes you stop and think about what it is you are trying to do- Good luck!

        On Thu, Jan 7, 2016 at 12:43 PM, Move the Chair wrote:


  10. Just found you. Must be God-led because I’ve been obsessing (or should I say feeling sorry for myself) because I only have my i-phone as well for pictures and wished I could take better ones. I figured I was missing something and now I know I have. Are you saying these are just ordinary pictures? They look like paintings. Could you share with me what apps you recommend? Do you edit on your phone? Anyway, great job.

    • Hi Rebecca-Your iPhone can be an amazing tool in your photography. And yes, the majority of my photographs are taken with the native camera on my iPhone 5s. There are apps out there that also serve as cameras, but more often than not I use the one that came with the phone. I probably use it more than I do the phone ;). As for apps, it kind of depends on what you want to do with your images afterwards. But a good starting point is Snapseed, which is free-this helps to fine tune your image, as well as offering some different effects. For textures, my go-to app is Stackables-that costs I believe about 2.99 and has over 200 different filters and effects you can play with. It also allows you to add different layers with different intensities-you can also create your own formulas for your photographs. Distressed Fx was one of the first ones I got-I think that was 1.99 and it is a good way too to get familiar with textures and layers. I also have some others like Pic-Tap-Go and PhotoToaster which offer tuning and filters. Then they are apps like Polamatic which lets you take or convert images to Polaroid film types. Honestly, there are so many apps out there–one of the things you might do is check out the App Whisperer which has discussions and articles about mobile photography. Life in Lo-Fi is another good one. And if you want to see some amazing work being done check out p1xels-the Knox Bronson site. There are some amazing artists out there working on their mobile phones. Instagram is good too-you see a lot of different styles and techniques. But first, you got to go take pictures! And from there, allow yourself to experiment and see what works for you. I hope this helps and thanks so much for writing! Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with-I love talking iPhoneography-

    • Marina-Thanks so much for taking the time to look it over. I apologize for the late reply. That photographs was taken in a very rural county in North Carolina-it is an old tenant cabin-you used to see them all over, but much of that architecture is disappearing from the rural landscape. Appreciate you looking!

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