359/366 Lantern Lights

Some small Christmas lanterns setting the mood for today-and I realized that somewhere along the line in the last week, I goofed up my numbering-

Image taken with iPhone 7 and processed with Snapseed, iColorama and Stackables

For today: Lantern Lights

Lantern Lights

Lantern Lights





356/366 Window

An experiment using Hipstamatic with a neighbor’s window and light catcher-

Image taken with Hipstamatic using the Basel Pak and processed with iColorama and Pic-Tap-Go

For today: Window




355/366 Repurposed

I found this great piece of yard art next door. A cup, a plate and two wine bottles. Brilliant!

Image taken and processed with Polamatic and iColorama

For today: Repurposed





354/366 Color

While visiting a couple of local art galleries, I stopped to take a picture of the beautiful mosaics that ornament the wall of one-On a grey and cloudy day it is a welcome sight.

Image taken with iPhone 7 and processed with Snapseed and iColorama

For today: Color





353/366 Bear Pair

A pair of Polar Bears gracing a neighborhood yard. I was especially taken with the little fellow dressed in his striped scarf and cap.

Image taken with iPhone 7 and processed with iColorama and Snapseed

For today: Bear Pair

Bear Pair

Bear Pair


352/366 In dreams I dance

I found a number of collages that I had made for the beginnings of a Soul Collage deck as I was cleaning out stuff. I did not get real far–that may be a project to think about for next year. But I wanted to try and see if I could do something with the ones that I had. 

The excerpt is from Dickinson–is there nothing she did not write about? I have developed a new appreciation for her and her work.

I love the ballet–there is something about the music and movement which never fails to lift me up. 

Image taken with iPhone 7 and processed with iColorama and Dreamscope, a real over-the-top app. 

For today: In dreams I dance

In dreams I dance

In dreams I dance




351/366 I’m not that Cinderella

My discovery this morning as I was going to the store. I am sure there is quite a story behind this-

The poem excerpt is from Mikiila S.–I believe.

Image taken with iPhone 7 and processed with Snapseed and Polamatic using SX70 presets

For today:I’m not that Cinderella

I'm not that Cinderella

I’m not that Cinderella



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