Punkin Heads

For those of you who celebrate Halloween, here is Jack Henry with his snappy Halloween bow tie, hanging with several other Jacks-

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For today: Halloween Greetings

Halloween Jack

Halloween Jack


Pinky’s–one of my favorite go-to spots–has gotten in the spirit of Halloween and switched out their tiki mask for something more holiday appropriate-

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For today:  Franken-Pinky’s

Franken Pinky

Franken Pinky


Saturday Morning

I do not do much street photography-it is just one of those genres that I have never thought much about pursuing. However, on Saturday morning, I had a chance to try a few things. Our neighborhood has two yearly celebrations; one in the spring, the other in the fall. The Fall Crawl by far draws more people-one of the highlights is a parade through the neighborhood where children and pets can march in costume. The highlight for many folks is the rhythm band from a local community center that plays every year. They are amazing.

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For today: Marching to the Beat

Marching to the Beat

Marching to the Beat


Small Gifts

such as this beautiful yellow blooms that appear each autumn on the side yard-

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For today: Yellow Study

Yellow Study

Yellow Study

A Garden Visitor

Some Tangled Fx magic on a Halloween flamingo-

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For today: Halloween Special

Halloween Flamingo

Halloween Flamingo

A Different Take . . .

Lately, my subject matter has been focusing on still lifes- to the point where I am even thinking of subjecting you poor readers to a month of them–but that is just in the thinking stage . . .

In the meantime, I spotted this interesting interpretation at another funky coffee and bakery place in NODA. I thought it clever-others might not-

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For today: Still Life with Plastic Fruit

Still Life

Still Life


Take 12! October

 BAM! here comes the 12th–

Today’s photos were taken in the Central Avenue and Ashland Avenue areas as well as a visit early this morning to the NODA neighborhood-I remember when I was in grad school in Vermont getting up early, early, early on the weekends and hitting the road with my camera-today’s adventures reminded me that doing that really pays off-few people, fewer cars and plenty of picture-taking opportunities awaited-

5 Things I Learned Today

1) October 27 is National Pit Bull Awareness Day-pet and hug a pitbull! (This is National Pitbull Awareness Month).

2) 5 percent of all dogs in the United States today are pit bulls.

3) Mercury is in retrograde–BIG time (actually this has been a running joke all week, but today I learned just how retro Mercury really is right now).

4) The stem of a pumpkin continues to nourish the pumpkin even after it’s cut, and helps it stay fresh.

5) The first Jack O’Lanterns were actually made from turnips. (Anyone for a jack o’turnip)?

Need more Take 12! inspiration? Take a visit down under to Beyond Purgatory and see what Lee has set her sights on that day-textures, shapes and colors abound!

All images taken with iPhone 5s and processed with Snapseed, Aviary and Pic-Tap-Go

For today: Take 12! October



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